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NOTE: If you are having a heat emergency, please call the office immediately. Do not use e-mail to alert us to an emergency. Thank you!


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Q: How many days do I have to pay my bill?
Q: How do I know how much to pay after a delivery if I am not home?
Q: How does automatic delivery work and will it cost me more?
Q: Do you offer any payment plans?
Q: What happens if my heat is not working in the middle of the night?
Q: What Fuels do you deliver?
Q: How often should my furnace be cleaned?
Q: Is propane gas clean and efficient?
Q: Is oil heat safe?
Q: Can I arrange to have my bill automatically charged to my credit card?
Q: What is your primary marketplace?
Q: What is your fastest growing area?
Q: What products does Stem Brothers handle?
Q: Are there customer benefits to using Bioheat® Fuel or biodiesel?
Q: Where can I purchase Bioheat® Fuel?
Q: How can I purchase biodiesel?
Q: How much more will Bioheat® Fuel or biodiesel cost me?
Q: What about installation and service?
Q: If I live in Flemington or Clinton do I pay more for my Bioheat® Fuel than the customer that lives in Milford?
Q: Am I able to order Bioheat® Fuel online?
Q: What other Stem Brothers activity is there in Flemington, NJ?
Q: In addition to the introduction of Bioheat® Fuel and biodiesel into the market place have you launched other new initiatives recently?
Q: Are there other customer purchasing programs?